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Another Star Trek Parody

Here are some favorite links to locations where I have found Hash models.

Just want to extend my personal thanks to Nick Porcino, Mike Muncy, and Carmen Rizzolo for making their models available to the public. You can find more work by them and others at the following sites:

(left-click on the name to go to the link)

Hash, Inc. - Makers of Animation Master

Animation Master is an amazing modeling and animation package for less than $300. You can find impressive work by talented artists there.

Meshula Labs (Nick Porcino)

Nick has some great looking starship images, including a beautiful USS Enterprise model available with a history of the original studio miniature.

Animation Pit Stop - models and textures (Mike Muncy)

Various models available here, including some outer space stuff.

Carm's Animation: Master Page (Carmen Rizzolo)

Got the starfield models here, and a lot of other interesting things at Carmen's site.

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